What’s your theme? I edited it a bit but I am not giving it out anymore

Where did you find your fonts? here

Who made your icon? Meagan

When did you start your hit counter? December 27th 2011

Do you check out blogs/p4p/vote? Yes

Will you follow me back/follow 4 follow? No thats rude

Will you give me your theme code/help me with html? No, but for the html I have tutorials but do not message me for html help anymore I get too many messages that I already have in my tutorials I will only help a select few people (who know who they are) 

Will you edit a theme for me?

once again no I only help a select few who know who they are, sorry

Will you reblog this picture? Doesn’t hurt to ask if I like it I will but it isn’t gaurenteed

Why did you unfollow me? Please don’t ask it was either because  
  • changed blog type, either you or I
  • inactive for multiple days unless stated why
  • rude to followers
  • self promoted on pictures
  • don’t reblog from you
  • I follow too many people and had to narrow it down